Logpresso Enterprise

Machine data platform for cyber security and operational intelligence.


High Performance

Collect 3 million logs/s on a single machine with fulltext indexing.

Powerful Analytics

Streaming processing and batch analytics with 300+ commands and functions.

Interactive Drilldown

Drilldown in real-time based on schema-less column storage and vectorized query engine.

Reliable and performant machine data platform


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High Performance

Logpresso Enterprise is built on own 13 years of big data research. Since it can utilize multi cores and SIMD instructions effectively, you can receive 3 million packets/s on a single machine while fulltext index is enabled.

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Powerful Analytics

Logpresso Enterprise seamlessly integrates streaming processing and batch analytics into one platform. You can use same query syntax and leverage knowledge for both streaming and batch processing. With 300+ commands and functions, and heterogenious join capabilities, you can analyze any machine data at scale.

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Interactive Drilldown

You can drill down in real-time without any summary index or materialized view. Schema-less storage engine and vectorized query engine provides x100 performance improvement. You can customize dashboard with input controls and drilldown events by yourself.

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