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Logpresso was founded in 2013 to automate cyber security and IT operations

SecOps Platform Provider, Logpresso

Logpresso is proud of its status as an innovative provider of security operation platforms. When Logpresso was founded in 2013, the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platforms were based on relational database and ISAM technologies. Companies were in need of a system that could enable them to overcome the performance limitations of their current platform and optimally analyze data and detect cyber threats. Logpresso recognized these limitations and launched technically advanced platforms that expanded the boundaries of data analysis and cyber threat detection.

Logpresso started with a desire to develop a high-performance data warehouse optimized for a security operation platform with complete visibility and customized analysis based on this data warehouse. It was the starting point where we could differentiate Logpresso from other solutions that rely only on existing imperfect technologies.

Even now, many companies continue to use separate solutions for log management, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), UEBA (User Entity & Behavior Analytics), SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) and DFIR (Digital Forensic & Incident Response). You can only imagine how inefficient it is that all the SOC Tier 1 analyst teams and CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) have to respond to cyber threats using dozens of different cyber security solutions and services.

From on-premises to the cloud, the responsibility of cyber security team continues to grow. A more advanced solution for this continuous change is needed and the solution is Logpresso, a unified security operation platform for data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and response, and visualization.

​Logpresso works directly with AI, CTI, NDR, and EDR vendors in the security market and integrates numerous third-party solutions to provide In-depth incident investigation and response at the DFIR level so as to ultimately build a cyber ecosystem that continuously improves the capabilities and performance of the SecOps platforms within it.

Logpresso is positioned to become a global industry leader through our long-term investments and commitment to advanced R&D to build a secure future digital society.


Combining the words log and espresso, Logpresso means that we quickly derive actionable insights from big data, just like a coffee machine that extracts espresso, the essence of coffee.

Our logo embodies our identity as a trusted company specialized in processing large-scale unstructured machine data.

Each Logpresso brand mark is a combination of a product name and a symbol mark. Each brand is designated with representative color so that we have established a unique visual identity for each brand while maintaining overall brand consistency.



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